Why choose our Burundian House?

Welcome to the newest property in Burundi that is available for you to rent and make your own. There are plenty of houses for rent in this competitive environment, yet we offer you your dream house at an affordable price. Let this be your next home instead of just a place where you live. Come and make memories at this beautiful property.

  • Project Name : Burundi House
  • House Area : 1539.23 Square Feets
  • Total Area : 4304.56 Square Feets
  • Floors : 1
  • Car Parking : 2
  • Category : Modern House
  • Rent Amount : 2.500.000 FBU Per Month

Available : Yes

Property Amenities

Security Walls

The house is gated and walled on all four sides for your protection

Good Localization

The house is close to churches, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars

Guest Suites

If you have guests visiting you have 3 bedrooms besides the master bedroom where you can host them. If you want to host them elsewhere there are plenty of hotels and hostels in the surrounding area

Car Parking

You will have access to
2 car parking

No Flood Here

The Burundi House property is made sure to be flood-free which no small feat

Room For Guardian

We have thought of everything and have provided you with an extra room for your home aid/guardian

Fast Internet

We understand the need to be connected; hence we can provide Wi-Fi services at your request (additional charges)


If all you want to do is move then you can ask for the furniture to be provided (additional charges)

Property Gallery

Take a look at the beautiful Burundi House that is available for rent. We have provided photos of the interior and the exterior of the house so that you can acquaint yourself with the layout before your viewing.

Property Layouts

First Floor

As soon as you enter the gates of the rental property you will be able to see a drive up to the house. You will be welcomed by a lush green garden on your left which envelops the house all the way to the back. Your parking space is close to the front porch which swiftly takes you to the living room. All the rooms are located in this floor since the property only has one floor. It has high ceilings for better air circulation during the hot days.

  • Floor : First Floor
  • House Area : 1539.23 sq ft.
  • Bedrooms : 4
  • Washrooms : 3
  • Bath : 2
  • Living room : 1
  • Dining Room : 1
  • Kitchen : 2 One outdoor and one indoor
  • Office : 1
  • Room for Aid/Guardian : 1

Exterior / Garden

During the summer season the heat is unforgiving, so to make your stay more comfortable we have made sure that you have your own piece of haven where you can relax. This little piece of greenery does not only adds to the beauty of the house but also provides you with respite from the heat. What’s more? You can call our Manager if you want a gardener to keep the place looking luscious.

  • Field Area : 4305.56 Square Feet
  • Car Parkings : 2

Surrounded By Greenery and Local Amenities

This charming house is surrounded by a well-groomed green carpet and is well maintained, while the interiors are modern and sophisticated with spacious rooms to make sure that you don’t feel stifled during the hot months.

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